hKDM (University of Art, Design and Popular Music)) is a partner university of Macromedia University.

As the name already indicates, hKDM offers inspiring creativity and international networks for the students. It is the place, where acoustic design meets visual design. We offer a wide and contemporary range of creative disciplines in our curriculum - from music, illustration, photography, video, painting and graphic arts, producing, sound design, to games.Our focus is on developing an intercurricular learning experience while working in small groups with individual tutors which enables knowledge transfer and allows you to build networks with other creative fields and industries.

Already today we benefit from an international network through our educational partnerships with other universities (e.g. we are the exclusive German partner of the renowned Berklee College of Music, longstanding member of the International Association of Schools of Jazz and partner in the ERASMUS exchange-program).  One third of our graduates come from abroad. These factors contribute to the preparation of our students for the challenges of the globalized society. In the international program we offer our courses in English language, support our foreign students in matters of housing, visa issues and include a cultural program.

The University was founded in 2011. Its shareholders, the Jazz und Rock Schulen Freiburg and Freie Hochschule für Grafik-Design & Bildende Kunst Freiburg have more than 25 years of experience in educating and training musicians, designers and fine artists. We have hundreds of successful graduates, who have passed their training.

The city of Freiburg provides an ideal environment for the hKDM. Freiburg is a very lively and inspiring location - the thriving city hosts over 40,000 students - has a rich cultural heritage and broad diversity. This is reflected on our campus: in addition to the 3,000 square meters of rooms for teaching and rehearsal, we organize regular student programs on our live stage, whilst mingling with the crowd at the latest Freiburg hot-spot club „Schmitz Katze“.


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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Drohnen- und 360-Grad-Kameras. Die Ausstattung an der Macromedia.

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Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik
Studiengang Popular Music B.A.

  • Abschluss

    Bachelor of Arts

  • Studiendauer

    8 semesters

  • Studienstart


  • Studienorte


  • Studiengebühr

    590 € pro Monat (gleicher Betrag im Praxis-/Auslandssemester)

  • Unterrichtssprache


  • Zulassungsvoraussetzungen

    Applicants must have successfully completed a high school diploma or an equivalent education. Applicants without these qualifications will require additional verification. Applicants are required to pass the audition, consisting of a test on the major subject, a theoretical test and an ear training test. Applicants require a proof of nationality and proof of proficiency in English.

  • Studienberatung

    Get more information about the university, financing and scholarships at the hKDM student advisory service.

Telefonische Studienberatung: 0800 6227663345

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  • Freiburg 0761 442266
  • Köln 0221 31082-0
  • Hamburg 040 3003089-0
  • Berlin 030 2021512-0
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