Congratulations: Macromedia honors best Master's Graduates

Lara Lorenz, Sabrina Kowalski and Anna Muhr have graduated as best of their class in the summer semester of 2020. Congratulations to our top 3 as well as to the entire graduating class!

One degree program and three significantly different specializations: the top graduates of the current Macromedia class show how diversely the skills acquired in the Master’s program in Media and Communications Management can be applied.

Lara Lorenz: Political communication on Facebook

At the Hamburg campus, Lara Lorenz is researching political communication on social media: „I wrote my master’s thesis together with Simone Ennenbach on the Facebook communication of the German parliamentary parties and its relevance for the German population,“ says the Hamburg graduate. In particular, „the background noise,“ i.e., the daily communication of political parties, has hardly been a topic of current research, she says. „By examining nearly 3,500 posts from 2019, we were able to determine which topics the different parties focus on, what quantitative user reactions they were able to achieve with them, and to what extent some parties should change in their Facebook communication in order to be relevant to society as a whole.“

Sabrina Kowalski: Setting the digital course for urban mobility concepts.

Sabrina Kowalski enrolled in the English-language master’s program „Media and Communication Management (M.A.)“ at the Macromedia Campus Munich and specialized in Digital Media Business (M.A.). Her master’s thesis is about „Mobility-as-a-Service – Reason and Reality. An expert-based analysis of current hindrances for implementing digital platform solutions to improve the flow of traffic in urban agglomerations“. Commenting on the reasons for her choice of topic, the Munich graduate says: „The achievements in the field of Mobility-as-a-Service have been very meager so far. The reason for this is the lack of intermodality of the existing digital solutions. With my master’s thesis, I would like to highlight this problem and offer approaches through which individual traffic with its fatal effects can be reduced in the medium term.“

Anna Muhr: Use of VR/AR technologies in e-commerce

Anna Muhr from the Berlin Campus has also chosen the Digital Media Business (M.A.) field of study within the English-language master’s program „Media and Communication Management M.A.“. Her research interest is in e-commerce, specifically the advancement of the virtual shopping experience. „In my master’s thesis, I am dealing with the topic of ‚Virtual Commerce‘. My goal was to find out whether immersive technologies (AR & VR applications) used in online commerce are able to successfully mirror physical shopping experiences,“ says the Berlin Macromedia graduate. „I’m professionally involved in e-commerce myself and think it’s important to find new ways to make the digital product experience more real.“

Congratulations to Lara, Sabrina and Anna for receiving the Presidential Award and with them to the entire Master’s class.

All 182 graduates completed their thesis and final exams under the special conditions of the coronavirus pandemic. You have proven to be resilient and flexible, almost earning a second degree.

Good luck on your future journey. Let’s keep in touch. #youchange

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