Macromedia: Public statement against racism

In Minneapolis, the Afroamerican George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer on May 25, 2020. In the aftermath, violent protests arose throughout America. We have been asked by a student to comment on the current events in America.

We have been asked by a student to comment on current events in America. Here we would like to make our position public:

„Thank you for your message. Thank you for being so explicit about your reception of the current situation.
Please be confirmed: we as an institution are horrified by what has happened to George Floyd.

We condemn the murder of George Floyd and we oppose the racism apparent in this particular case as well as in any other case in the world.

Also, we are deeply disturbed by the terrible rage that shakes the US American society right now.

As an educational institutional that embraces a diverse learning community, we like to express our solidarity with minorities worldwide. We are very clear in objecting to any sort of discriminating or racist behavior.

In this, we stand besides black students enrolled at our university right now, when questions of color and race are at the center of global fury.

We like to give you a very strong sense of togetherness and protection in the Macromedia community.”

On behalf of
Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo,
President of Macromedia University