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Scholarships at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences awards over 40 scholarships each year. For example, there is the Excellence Scholarship for students who perform exceptionally well and the Macromedia Scholarship for special artistic talent. Other requirements are:

  • Demonstrably difficult economic circumstances
  • Participation in and organisation of student activities on campus
  • Above-average performance and/or creative talent
  • Evidence of voluntary social activities

How do I apply for a Macromedia scholarship?

Application deadlines

The application deadline for the winter semester is 31 July and will be awarded by mid-August. For the summer semester the application deadline for the scholarship is 31 January and will be awarded by mid-February.

Necessary documents

The application documents must be submitted via email to the International Student Advisory Service at Macromedia University, after or together with a full programme application. The International Student Advisory Service will assist you with all questions related to the scholarship programme.

Where Can I Study?
Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten. Stipenden für das Studium

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences locations

The Macromedia University of Applied Sciences runs international degree courses at two of its eight locations. You’ll find us in Berlin and Munich. Macromedia scholarships are generally awarded multiple times for all bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes at selected locations. Do you have questions about scholarships or application? The Student Advisory Service will gladly help you.

Your direct line to the Student Advisory Service

Patricia Carolina Garcia

Service hours: 
Monday to Friday 09:00 am – 5:00 pm (CET) | Phone numbers are also for WhatsApp
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