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Bachelor of Arts Content: Bachelor Acting

Acting modules

Modul ECTS
Intercultural Competences 5
Breathing Techniques and Voice Development 5
Theatre Bodywork I 5
Theatre and Film History 5
Basics Scenic Work I 10
Modul ECTS
Voice Development and Singing 5
Actor Speech 5
Performance and Drama Analysis 5
Theatre Bodywork II 5
Basics Scenic Work II 10
Modul ECTS
Intercultural Communication 5
Experimental 4D 5
Acting History I 5
Film Acting I 5
Project I: Scenic Work and Practice 10
Modul ECTS
Academic Writing and Research 5
Acting History II 5
Coaching for Actors 5
Film Acting II 5
Project II: Scenic Work and Practice 10
Modul ECTS
Project Management 5
Self-reflection on scene Practice 5
Project III: Scene Practice 20
Modul ECTS
Communication Skills 5
Student Initiative 5
Internship Semester 20
Modul ECTS
Employability 5
Bachelor Concept 10
Bachelor Thesis 15

Acting contents at a glance

This internationally oriented acting degree programme provides you with the necessary tools to become an actor or actress. The practice-oriented curriculum also provides you with skills in career planning and self-marketing.

Our students’ projects

Documented art

For the Alexander Bürkle exhibition space, the students staged exhibited works with the help of photography and videography.

Moving pictures

At a screening in the Museum für Neue Kunst in Freiburg, students showed their films, which were then discussed.

University on film

In a student initiative project, an image film was created that shows the university as a player in the digital transformation.

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