Bachelor of Arts Content: Bachelor Filmmaking

Filmmaking bachelor’s degree modules

Modul ECTS
Language Proficiency and Cultural Sensitivity 5
Academic Writing and Research 5
Basics of Audiovisual Media 5
Fundamentals Sound, Light and Camera 5
Screenplay and Dramaturgy 5
Filmic Experiments 5
Modul ECTS
Fundamentals of Film Production and Media Law 5
Fundamentals of Diricting 5
Fundamentals of Film Photography 5
Fundamentals of Image and Sound Editing 5
Documentary Filmmaking 5
Location Workshop 5
Modul ECTS
Intercultural Communication 5
Project Management 5
Creative Writing 5
Staging and Breakdown 5
Orientation Project 10
Modul ECTS
Storytelling 5
Advanced Aspects of Film Production and Media Law 5
Digital Technologies 5
Studio Project 5
Focus Project (Advertising Film) 10
Modul ECTS
Communication Skills 5
Student initiative 5
Internship Semester 20
Modul ECTS
Entrepreneurship 5
Sustainable Filmmaking 5
Current Topics 5
Graduation Project 5
Bachelor Thesis 10

Filmmaking contents at a glance

From fiction to fact, from documentaries to drama: During your degree programme, we introduce you to the wide spectrum of tasks and skills that are needed in the cinema and television industries. Throughout, we focus on giving you hands-on, practical experience – with study projects, experienced professors and lecturers, and cooperative ventures with top partners.

This is what your internship looks like

Hands-on Filmmaking degree course

In the fifth semester of your Filmmaking degree course, you’ll have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of a film production. For five whole months, you can apply the theory you’ve learned in class in a real-life scenario. You choose where and in which company you want to put your skills to the test.

Our students’ projects

Final film project

In her final film project entitled ‘Ole, Benni and the Rest of the Universe’, Anna Ludwig tells a powerful story about friendship.

Short film

In their short animated film ‘Friends arrive’, our students show how Germany can be enriched by welcoming refugees.

Social spots

Our film students used storytelling techniques to produce social media spots on the topic of dental health for proDente e. V., a dental health initiative.

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