Charlotte Whittaker

Charlotte Whittaker

"Change is the future. To be in the modern, digitally driven world of work you must be able to adapt quickly and accept change. Change is a continuous thing and it doesn’t always have to be bad."


Where do you work today and what is your job title there?

I work for the BWM Group AG in Munich at the FIZ (Forschungs-und Innovationszentrum). My position is as an intern in internal communication with the focus on the Purchase and Supplier Network.

What does your current role entail?

I am lucky to have the opportunity to work for the board of the Purchase and Supplier Network. I help in the preparation of internal events, such as the Purchase and Supplier Network Executive Forum. I help prepare all the presentations and content for events where the board appears, and I am responsible for the internal communication between the divisional director and the workforce.

Did you imagine you’d be doing this kind of work before you started your studies?

Being part of the German National Eventing Team since 2014, I didn’t really know what to expect, as all I had on my mind was my sport. At some point I had to make the decision between a career in professional sports and a career in business. After making the decision to focus on my studies I always wanted to do something in the direction of communication and strategy planning within a company. This sort of stuff excites me. I am still finding myself and want to gain experience in different areas in order to find out what is truly my passion and what I am good at. BMW is definitely teaching me a lot.

Why did you take the position and what inspires you?

I have always been inspired by BMW and drive my own MINI. Having the opportunity to work for such a well-known global company gives you a real insight on how the business world works. I am learning from one of the most successful companies in the world.

How did the teachers and projects at the university prepare you for what you're doing today?

First of all, I want to say thank you to Macromedia for giving us such great opportunities to work with real companies on projects. This was definitely beneficial for me. Not only did I learn a lot, it also gave me a big highlight to talk about in job interviews. My teachers also taught me so much. What was great, was how they could talk about real life experiences as most of them worked next to the University in their own business.

How do you evaluate the semester at the foreign partner university in retrospect? What impulses did you take with you?

My semester abroad was probably the best decision I ever made. It taught me so much. I learnt how to become more independent, disciplined and confident. I decided to go to the complete other side of the world and went to the International College of Management in Sydney, Australia.

How was your contact with your fellow students? Are you still in touch today?

I always had contact with fellow students and am still in touch with some of them today.

When you think back to your studies, what really stands out?

The fact that I had the opportunity to work on real projects, do a semester abroad, an internship semester and at the same time receive a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree. That was definitely a highlight having the chance to do a joint degree with the Westminster University and gain two degrees.

How important do you consider "openness to change" to be in the modern, digitally driven world of work today and tomorrow?

Very important. Change is the future. To be in the modern, digitally driven world of work you must be able to adapt quickly and accept change. Change is a continuous thing and it doesn’t always have to be bad.

Do you know where you want to be in 10 years time?

That’s a difficult one. One thing I know for sure is that I want to have my own company one day. I am currently becoming interested in consultancy.

Is there any advice you would like to share with our freshmen?

I have some advice for all of you. Use the benefits Macromedia has to offer! Believe me, having a good relationship with your professors, networking and being a hard worker will bring you opportunities you may never have expected. Here I am, having landed the job at BMW. The only reason I came across the job was thanks to my professor. And before I knew it, BMW was calling me up wanting an interview. And now I’m about to publish my bachelor thesis with two other professors. Never thought I may become a published author. If you give it your all, others will support you and help open up doors and give you opportunities you never dreamt of. It’s your job then to take them and go for it!