Dariia Ivanytska

Dariia Ivanytska

"Do not sit around, try to take as many opportunities as possible and never give up on something you really want and are passionate about. It took me more than 25 applications to finally end up at a company which has been my biggest aim for the past 3 years."


Where do you work now, and what is your job title?

I am an intern in BMW AG.

What does your current role entail?

My main responsibilities entail monitoring of customer satisfaction with the BMW vehicles and making sure that the requirements of customers are met and are taken into account for the future and current production of BMW vehicles. This allows keeping our customers’ loyalty on a very high level.

Why did you take the position and what inspires you?

From the first day that I came to Munich I knew I wanted to work at BMW. The automotive industry has been a passion of mine for the most of my life and living in Germany and especially in Munich, the heart of BMW, increased my dedication and motivation to become a part of this automotive giant. The product, the atmosphere and knowing that you are a part of something huge inspires me to do my best at my current position and aim for more exciting opportunities.

Did you imagine you’d be doing this kind of work before you started your studies?

Our field of studies opens a wide range of opportunities and exciting paths, so the first semesters were still giving me a bit of anxiety as to where I am going to end, what is my calling and what will make me happy. However, as I mentioned before, I have always been passionate about automotive, therefore, I set my goal pretty fast and was sure that the automotive industry is going to become the milestone of my career.

How did the teachers and projects at the university prepare you for what you're doing today?

Our teachers give us the closest as possible look into the way businesses function in the modern world. Completing the projects provided us with the real experience of working with clients. This got hard from time to time, but gave us a very clear understanding of what to expect once you start your career and once you dive in into the real business and working environment.

Where did you do your internship semester and how would you evaluate your experiences?

I am completing my internship now at BMW. So far, it’s been a very exciting experience.

How was your contact with your fellow students? Are you still in touch today?

I met a lot of dedicated and motivated people in the university. Working and communicating with them also helped me to establish my goals and visions more clearly. Yes, I am still in a very close contact with some and hope this contact will last for many more years.

When you think back to your studies, what really stands out?

Classes with the professors who knew each of us and knew our strongest and weakest points and helped us work on them and motivated us.

How important do you consider "openness to change" to be in the modern, digitally driven world of work today and tomorrow?

The last couple of months showed that our normal way of living can be influenced by numerous factors that we are unable to control. Therefore, it is important to always be open, expect the most unexpected and adapt, or even better to become part of these changes. Since changes are the main accelerators of progress.

Do you know where you want to be in 10 years time?

I have a vague imagination of my life in 10 years, but you never know what happens so I think for now I will first focus on a shorter timeframe and see where it takes me.