Isabell Bedê

Portrait Isabell Bede

Isabell Bedê

"Be bold. Express your ideas, no matter how different they might seem. Talk to people, as many as you can – they will bring you the best insights for your own media strategies."


Do you have a current mantra? Please share.

Be kind, be strong and be bold.

How did you decide to join the Macromedia University?

I had already lived in Berlin before and I was completely in love with how artsy and free the city is. I had then said to myself that I would come back. I have finished my bachelor in Journalism in my home country and started looking for masters in Berlin – then I found Macromedia.

What are your career goals?

I want to be an expert in my field – digital media – more specifically in content and strategy creation for social media and other digital platforms. I want to learn from experience as much as I can for the next 5 years, then stablish my own consulting company, where I hope to have the opportunity to work in different exciting projects.

Do you think that the programme and the university is preparing you to accomplish them?

I had the opportunity to network and get a student job right in the beginning of my masters. There were subjects and projects at university that brought me closer to understanding the digital market and I am happy to have gathered that knowledge.

In terms of collaborating with a real company of organization during your studies – which experience did you like best so far?

My favorite project experience was working with the Sparkasse bank to develop a blockchain idea for them. It was great to learn the Design Thinking method and apply to product development.

What are your favourite memories from your time at the university so far?

My favorite memories are usually surrounded by the great people I met, very talented ones from all over the place. I would not have had this experience if I wouldn’t have come to study in Berlin. And, again, our projects with real companies. My class had really nice projects.

What is your relation to fellow students like?

Amazing. I still keep some of them in my close group of friends.

What is your take on digital transformation?

In times of globalization, it was already important. In times of pandemic, it is now is essential. Digitalization is the most efficient method to ensure education, collaboration and problem solving in a large scale.

What is your attitude towards change in general? Is a positive attitude towards change important for your professional life?

Changes might be scary at the beginning, but it is absolutely important to accept and adapt to them. It is really important to have a positive attitude towards change in my professional life, since my field (digital) changes all the time. Even social media algorithms change very frequently. I have to adapt to keep up to date.