Mafalda Sandrini

Portrait Mafalda Sandrini

Mafalda Sandrini

"To enjoy their study time and to take advantages of the contacts and faculty."


Where do you work now, and what is your job title?

I´m currently working as Research Assistant for the Graduate School at Macromedia University; meanwhile, I´m writing my PhD at the Freie University under the department of Organizational Communication and PR.

What are your main duties in this role?

My main responsibilities involve to bridge the communication between Master students and professors, particularly to support students during their educational process and to assist professors to become familiar with Macromedia requirements. I´ve also taught Theories of Communication in the first semester and Foundation of Scientific Methods in the pre-semester.

Why did you choose this role, and what motivates you?

As former Master student of Macromedia this role represented a challenge for me; when the opportunity arose I felt the next big chapter of my life was starting. What inspires me the most is the possibility of shaping the educational path of students and supporting them in receiving the right stimuli for finding their professional ways.

Did you imagine you would be doing this kind of work before you started your degree?

Not at all; I did know exactly what to expect from my experience at Macromedia in Berlin but my current position is beyond my expectations at that time.

To what extent did the university, the university’s partners or the university staff prepare you for the work you do today?

The combination of theoretical knowledge and its application on case studies has been a really strong advantage for understanding the current media environment. Moreover, the university staff (administration and professors) always supported me in understanding the labour market in Germany, particularly Berlin, and providing guidance considering my field of interest.

What kind of contact did you have with your fellow students? What do you expect from these contacts in the future?

Some of the people I met during my study time at Macromedia are my dearest friends in Berlin and I expect that the friendship will last even if we should move. With others I´m still working on the scientific research project “The Moving Network”, based on empowerment and education for refugees, which we started together during the Focus Project of the second semester.

When you think back to your degree, what are your fondest memories? What did you like in particular, and what were you less enthusiastic about?

The memories of “The Moving Network” are definitely the fondest ones for me; I was deeply enriched by the endless nights to work on the project all together, learning how to work in multicultural teams and seeing your ideas becoming reality.

What do you understand by “change and transformation”?

Without change and transformation there would not be development and enrichment for societies and individuals; being able to leave the comfort zone and challenge yourself is an essential requirement in today’s professional environment.

In your opinion, how important is it to be “open to change” in order to survive in the modern, digitally-driven working world of today and tomorrow?

Globalization has made processes much more faster than before and digitalization represents the quintessence. To be able to welcome and embrace change is therefore the key companies´ competitive advantage for surviving the modern digital world.

Do you have a goal in terms of where you would like to be in 10 years’ time?

The main goal is to keep doing research, but you never know what life has for you and, as we said, one must be open to change.