Paula El-Khoury


Paula El-Khoury

"Don’t complain. You are always a student, whether at a university or not. Enjoy the struggle and always make the extra effort. Treat school like a job – if you were getting paid, would your work ethic change?"

Do you have a current mantra? Please share.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.” As someone who always strives for more, sometimes I can get too serious. I’ve learned over time that life isn’t so serious – I’ve learned how to enjoy the journey, including the struggles.

What is your current job all about?

As a Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ministry of Seniors Affairs in Ontario, Canada, my main tasks include: event planning and coordination of official Ministry Announcements (something like a Press Conference), sitting on the Public Affairs Committee and chairing weekly meetings, managing invitations delivered to both Ministers, and public affairs support for important stakeholder events.

What makes you enthusiastic about it?

I love working with a diverse group of people working towards a common goal.

Is this job anything you imagined before going to university?

Almost exactly what I imagined!

To what extent do you think the university prepared for your career goals?

Having a Masters degree has equipped me with the theoretical knowledge, but has also allowed me to gain experience working with different people, leading teams, and understanding different cultural backgrounds.

In terms of collaborating with a real company of organization during your studies – which experience did you like best?

I really enjoyed working with Deloitte Analytics, when a group of 13 of us worked together on a Smart Cities & Big Data project – designing an app that allows foreign individuals to search for a suitable accommodation in Berlin.

Why did you choose Macromedia University? Would you recommend Macromedia University to a friend?

I chose Macromedia because I thought it was unique and would provide me with one-of-a-kind experiences. I wasn’t wrong!

What are your favourite memories from your time at the university?

All the late nights working with friends.

What was your relation to fellow students like while studying and how is it today?

I’ve made some lifelong friends at Macromedia – there’s nothing like a Masters program to bond people together!

What is your take on digital transformation?

It’s the future!

What is your attitude towards change in general?

Is a positive attitude towards change important for your professional life? Change is something I crave. If I’m not changing, I know I’m not growing. And if I’m not growing, then what’s the point of doing anything at all?

What are your future goals?

Working in Communications/Public Relations for a company that shares the same values as I have and working towards a better tomorrow.