"A new era of digital teaching": ECREA OSC Annual Conference at Macromedia

On February 9, the “Organisational and Strategic Communication” (OSC) section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) will hold its annual conference. Also in view of the massively accelerated digitalization of higher education through COVID-19, the European association of researchers and teachers dedicates the conference to the topic “A new era of digital teaching. Theory, Creativity and Responsibility in Communication Education”.

Organizer of the international research conference is the ECREA Section Management Board with Prof. Dr. Evandro Oliveira, Dr. Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat and Prof. Dr. Ileana Lis Zeler. The event will be hosted by the Macromedia University Cologne, with Prof. Dr. Holger Sievert as chief organizer and on-site host. He coordinates the live panels, which the majority of participants will attend virtually. Macromedia President Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo will welcome the international participants, and several Macromedia professors will contribute research papers to the international panels.

Communication research and communication practice in university teaching

With 3,000 members, ECREA is the largest scientific association for media and communication studies in Europe. Its focus is on issues of communication research, communication practice and its transfer to higher education contexts. Four sessions have been selected for the ECREA OSC Annual Conference 2022: Strategic Communication Education, Pedagogic strategies in communication, Intercultural Communication Education, New tools and strategies within Digital Environments. The contributions come from best practices from all over Europe; the keynote speaker from the USA.

Prof. Dr. Holger Sievert, Head of the Faculty of Culture, Media and Psychology in Cologne: “This conference is intended as a scientific link between communication scientists and didactics experts. How can current scientific findings, especially in communication and media management, best be communicated to students? How can we promote the development of competencies for professional fields of application? In fact, many of ECREA’s discussions are relevant to all university faculty, regardless of their subject expertise.”

University President Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo adds, “I very much welcome the fact that we are participating in the international scientific discourse – both as members of the scientific community and as host:ins. As the Macromedia University is currently working very intensively on these issues in the course of the mPower project, this year’s topic of the ECREA Annual Conference 2022 is a particularly good fit for us. We can bring a lot to the conference here and benefit from the exchange with the outstanding scientist:s from all over the world.”

Go to the conference program here.

The contributions of the Macromedia scientists are:

  • PodCasting as a tool of discourse and qualification on didactics in higher education // Andreas Hebbel-Seeger & Annette Strauß, Macromedia University
  • Hybrid and team teaching of intercultural communication. Theoretical and empirical perspectives on a bilingual case study on communication management within a multi-campus university // Holger Sievert, Florian Meißner & Dominik Pietzcker, Macromedia University
  • The SCoRe Project: from research-based learning to research-based seeing via video // Marianna Baranovska-Bölter, Andreas Hebbel-Seeger & André Kopischke, Macromedia University