A matter of life: Macromedia students introduce market entry strategies for Medix Global in Europe

Medix Global is an eHealth service to access, navigate and personalize the world’s best medical care. Having started its business in the Asian and American market, the company launched its operations in German speaking regions last Fall headed by insurance expert and consultant Frank Reuter. Together with Prof. Dr. Mohamed Badr he started a research cooperation with Macromedia, in which bachelor’s and master’s students from Berlin and Munich successfully developed and presented concepts for the market entry to the international management board.

The e-health market is booming. According to Statista Health Market Outlook (2021), market size is estimated to globally grow to 69 billion Euro until 2024 in the B2C segment enabled by digital technologies, telecommunication, and increasing health care spending. A good reason for insurances, corporations, and institutions to invest in eHealth services to provide benefits for all employers, employees, and customers.

Medix Global offers world-leading health and medical management services from prevention through diagnosis and treatment, to rehabilitation and ongoing health via the Medix App, a personalized, on stop shop, mobile health management platform delivering access to optimized care and better medical outcomes to people around the world.

Positioned as full-service eHealth provider that combines data analytics with multidisciplinary medical advice and personal care management, the task of the university teams from Media and Communication Management B.A., Media Design B.A., and Digital Media Business M.A. was to gain country-specific insights, and to develop strategic and creative recommendations for the market entry in the German-speaking regions.

One major finding was the predominant concern about the increasing mental health issues across industries and target segments. Research results also indicated a growing interest in sustainable health care management solutions that are not limited to providing secondary medical diagnosis or disconnected prevention solutions but rather multidisciplinary and holistic treatment.

In turn, the student teams from Munich and Berlin campuses supervised by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Badr, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck, Theo Grassl and Anke Johannsen developed convincing market entry strategies to cover these specific needs.

“We much appreciated the students’ concepts. This generation is digital by nature and brings in their strong expertise when dealing with sustainable and technologically enhanced solutions while dealing with multiple perspectives,” Frank Reuter, managing director of Medix Global in Munich, commented on the final presentations. “We really learned a lot from them.”

Mohamed Badr expresses his pride: “We are always surprised at how motivated our talents are to tackle new challenges. It is admirable that our students also show the courage to leave the beaten track and fundamentally question tasks for the best solution.”

Well done!

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