Hauner Children's Hospital: Design for recovery

It all started in the middle of the pandemic, when design students from the Munich campus exchanged ideas for the first time as part of a practical project with the child-life specialists at Dr. Hauner Children’s Hospital.

They learned how the daily routine in the hospital and the hospital environment can stress sick children and their families.

This is where the student team from Macromedia came in.

Under the direction of Prof. Kristina Kern, the students developed concepts to positively change this experience and to make it easier for the children to settle into the hospital environment.

Some of the concepts could now actually be implemented. One element, is the wall design by Lea Molnar and Julia Haas, who already alumni of the Macromedia University.

We are very happy and thank the supporters for making it possible:

  • Prof. Dr. Ingo Borggräfe (paediatrician, head of pediatric epileptology at the Munich Epilepsy Center)
    Dr Varinka Voigt (Head of Child Life Specialists teams)
    Guggy Borgolte (Fundraising Hauner Association)
    Mihaela Klott (ward manager)
    Britta Baumann (Deputy Ward Manager)
    all educators and nurses of Ward 4
    Jan Beskow from Rocket Signs Berlin for color and painting
    the Bernhard Kurz Institute for Architecture for interior architectural coordination of the wall design

Photos: Stephan Beissner

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