Higher Education 2030: International Symposium of Macromedia University

At a virtual open symposium on December 9, 2020, Macromedia University will address questions about the future of higher education. What are short-term answers to COVID-19? What are the drivers and what are the effects of longer-term change on the level of teaching, institutions and education systems? Experts from employers, educators, education service providers, and education management will discuss these issues on December 9 from 2:00-5:00 pm in an international perspective. Participation in the virtual symposium is free of charge, registration is required. Conference language is English.

Within the Symposium on December 9, representatives from national and international universities, software companies, social networks and strategy consultancies discuss the future of higher education. Besides Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo, President of Macromedia University, Prof. Dr. Klaus Kreulich, Vice President of the Hochschule München, is one of the initiators of the symposium.

The event will take place in a virtual setting from 02.00pm to 05.05pm (for the international participants starting GMT/UTC 01.00pm; New York 08.00am; LA 05.00am; Delhi 06.30 pm; Beijing 09.00pm; Melbourne 12.00am). Participation is free.
Please click here to register: https://hopin.com/events/higher-education-2030
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The event will be divided into 3+1 plenary sessions addressing the future of higher education on three different (but connected) levels:

  • Session (1): 02.00pm to 02.50pm: General Opening + Future Skills & Adequate Didactics
  • Session (2): 02.55pm to 03.40pm: New Entrants’ & Incumbents’ Roles
  • Session (3): 03.45pm to 04.30pm: National Systems & Globalization
  • Session (4): 04.35pm to 05.05pm: Connecting the Levels  

For each session there will be up to four short statements from the invited discussants followed by a moderated discussion and the opportunity to interact with the audience.


Key questions are:
Session (1): Future Skills & Adequate Didactics 

  • Which kind of skills are required from future employees / young talents?
  • How do global players address upskilling their employees?
  • What is the role of universities therein and are they prepared for that?
  • Which technologies drive innovation in didactic formats?
  • Will we rather move towards a “bipolar” situation of online versus on site or will the future be predominantly hybrid?

Session (2): New Entrants’ & Incumbents’ Roles 

  • How will roles of traditional Universities change?
  • Are there new opportunities for private higher education?
  • Will new players emerge in the higher education sector and what is the potential role of the big global digital players (e.g. Google, Microsoft)?
  • How will “value creation” change and are there new topologies with disintermediation, specialization or integration approaches?
  • How could a game changer look like (like Uber in mobility services)?
  • What are the crucial competencies today’s education providers have to develop in order to prosper?

Session (3): National Systems & Globalization 

  • What is the future role of national higher education systems?
  • How will standards, quality assurance and accreditation schemes develop?
  • How can individual national players compete with international education groups?
  • How competitive is mainland Europe as a whole with respect to other World regions?

Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo (president, Macromedia University), Prof. Ute Masur (vice president teaching and faculty development, Macromedia University), Dr. Reimar Müller-Thum (CEO and vice president management, Macromedia University), and Prof. Dr. Klaus Kreulich (Chair of the Quality of Education Management Board, Macromedia University & Vice President Hochschule München) as hosts have the honour to present the following speakers:

Session (1): Future Skills & Adequate Didactics (moderated by Dr. Merle Emre, Hochschule Macromedia)

  • Felix Kroh, Principal, The Boston Consulting Group (confirmed)
  • Jonathan Sierck, Founder, Pallas Gathering, Virtual Reality Applications in Education (confirmed)
  • Prof. Dr. Beate Baltes, School of Higher Education, Leadership, and Policy, Walden University USA (confirmed)
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Dürr, Professor of Knowledge and Communication Management, Hochschule München (confirmed)

Session (2): New Entrants’ & Incumbents’ Roles (moderated by Dr. Müller-Thum, Hochschule Macromedia):

  • Prof. Dr. Ulf‐Daniel Ehlers, Professor and former Vice President, Duale Hochschule Baden‐Württemberg, author of the seminal book “Future Skills: The Future of Learning and Higher Education” (confirmed)
  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Kleine, Director at Microsoft, Search, Advertising & News Business – Germany, Austria & Switzerland, Artificial Intelligence & Research Division (confirmed)
  • Rolf Reinhardt, Head of LinkedIn Learning DACH, Member of Executive Committee at the International Council on Badges and Credentials (confirmed)
  • Dr. Daniel Schmelzer, CEO Everskill, Munich, Blended Learning Solutions (confirmed)

Session (3): National Systems & Globalization (moderated by Prof. Dr. Tamara Ranner, Hochschule Macromedia)

  • Hannes Schwaderer, Country Manager at Intel Deutschland GmbH, president Initiative D21, Network for the Digital Society in Germany (confirmed)
  • Prof. Dr. Kostas Gouliamos, Rector, European University in Cyprus, advisor to the European University Association (confirmed)
  • Lou Pugliese, Executive Vice President at University of Maryland Global Campus (confirmed)

Session (4): Connecting the Levels (moderated by Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo & Prof. Dr. Klaus Kreulich)