Macrosphere: The dynamics of big data analytics

The December-edition of Macromedia’s MacroSphere event series centered around the opportunities of big data and big data analytics. Guest speaker was the data analyst engineer Philipp Krank from the Munich based company Alteryx. As usual MacoSphere was organized by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Badr, supported by the students Isabelle von Kuenheim and Chiara Reichert.

Early December, the Macromedia’s MacroSpere Industry Day was devoted to the vivid industry of global data and data analytics.

Philipp Krank, a data analyst engineer at Alteryx, conducted the workshop where he provided Macromedia Students with valuable insight on how to best make use of Alteryx’s program and the importance of data analytics.

Additionally, Krank offered the attendees a challenge encouraging them to independently apply the skills they had just learned and herewith allowing them to get a better feel of the program.

The event was concluded with a question round where students had the opportunity to ask further questions and to then network.

The event proved to be a valuable learning experience for all attendees, who were then even presented with a certificate of participation from Altryx.

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