NEW: Macromedia offers 4-week Summer School for Film and Game Design

Using higher-education expertise to build up a solid set of skills in film directing or game design: This is what the new “Skill+” Summer School at Macromedia’s Munich Campus is about.

Prof. Imogen Kimmel is responsible for the Film Summer School and Prof. Gerald Farca for the Game Design Summer School.

Other cross-sectional topics are covered by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Badr (Project Management & Media Studies) and research assistant Nanette Willberg (Media & Communication Design). 

The four-week intensive course (September 5-30, 2022) takes place in Munich. Language of instruction is English, classes meet Monday through Friday from 9-12.

The offer is aimed at current and former students of the Macromedia University, prospective students and anyone who wants to build up an additional set of professional skills.

With English as the language of instruction, “Skill+” is also suitable for international students who want to combine professional development with a (German) language course in the afternoon.

The teaching location for “Skill+” is the Munich campus of the Macromedia University, a modern campus on Munich’s Stiglmaierplatz, which is equipped with a TV studio, sound studio and various editing suites.

“Skill+” is offered on a sliding scale: Macromedia students and graduates pay 1,000 euros for the four-week intensive course; external participants pay 2,500 euros.

For questions and advice, Nanette Willberg is available at: na.willberg@macromedia.de.

Anke Tweer will accept registrations at: a.tweer@macromedia.de.

Deadline for registration is August 22, 2022.

Table of Content of the intensive film course

During the Intensive Film Course, participants will learn the core skills of film and television directing. At the end, they will be able to apply for various fields of work in the film, media or advertising industry. The contents of “Skill+” Film are in detail:

  • Fundamentals of Film Directing
  • Fundamentals of Sound, Light, and Video Editing
  • Film History
  • Storytelling for New Media
  • Script Analysis for Directors
  • Creative Writing
  • Screenplay and Dramaturgy
  • Staging and Blocking
  • Advanced Aspects of Directing
  • Working with Actors
  • Project Management
  • Financing
  • Employability
  • Intercultural Competences and Communication

Table of content of the intensive course Game Design

During the intensive course Game Design the participants will acquire the core competencies of a game designer. On the basis of their own game project, they will gain profound insights into the fields of activity of the game designer. In detail these are:

  • Game Design Conception
  • Game Maker Introduction
  • Game Art Introduction
  • Game Mechanics and Plot
  • World and Narrative Design
  • Game Art and Asset creation
  • Integration of Assets into game maker
  • Integration of Assets into a game maker / creating the world
  • Cultural excursion