New management at Macromedia: Reimar Müller-Thum hands over to Marc Irmisch-Petit

The new CEO of Macromedia GmbH from 2023 is Marc Irmisch-Petit. He follows Dr. Reimar Müller-Thum, who is leaving the Higher Education company of his own accord after almost ten years. Irmisch-Petit is a proven expert in the digital economy, who knows the requirements of the globalized, networked world of work and has experience in setting up start-up structures in a corporate environment. Important professional stations included Microsoft Germany and the US job portal Monster Worldwide.

Macromedia GmbH is the supporting company of Macromedia University and Macromedia Academy. Around 6,000 students are currently enrolled in state-recognized courses and training courses. The main topics of the job-related training courses are the media and creative industries, the opportunities of digital transformation and the start-up business.


“The education brand Macromedia stands for competence in digital transformation, close proximity to industry and growing internationality. It has become a strong brand in the German higher education market. Reimar Müller-Thum has had a significant impact on this development since 2013 and has made Macromedia a top performer in the Galileo Group. We thank him very much for that.”

This recognition comes from Bruno Mourgue d’Algue, CEO Northern Europe of the Galileo Global Education Group, to which Macromedia GmbH belongs.

Dr Reimar Müller-Thum: CEO of Macromedia GmbH since 2013

Dr Reimar Müller-Thum was the first managing director appointed by the Galileo Global Education Group. He took over management of Macromedia GmbH, founded in 1993 by Herbert Schmid-Eickhoff and Sabine Terjung, after it was sold in 2013 and thus represented the change from an owner-led to a management-led corporate culture. After a phase of consolidation and reorganization, he achieved continuous growth for the Bavarian training company from 2016.

In his double function as managing director and vice president of university management, Müller-Thum created the conditions for the integration of the private universities hKDM (2018) and Vitruvius (2019), for the opening of further campus locations in Freiburg, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Hanover and the development of new study segments in the fields of fashion, acting, digital technologies and psychology. Overall, the number of students during his tenure rose from 2,000 to over 5,000 students.

The economics graduate with degrees from the University of Witten/Herdecke and the University of St. Gallen also provided important impetus in the area of administration. Müller-Thum pushed the introduction of modern, cloud-based platforms in IT and student administration, timetable planning and marketing.

This infrastructure paid off when the corona pandemic broke out, Macromedia managed the shift to online teaching without wasting any time for students. Together with the university president Prof. Dr. Dr Castulus Kolo and Vice President Teaching Prof. Ute Masur, Müller-Thum set the course for the hybrid future of Macromedia: He supported the hybrid didactic concept mPower as well as the even more flexible study option Macromedia Plus.

With its strong academic brands, its excellent industrial cooperation and sophisticated accreditation services, Macromedia also played a pioneering role within the Galileo Group. In 2013, after the Istituto Marangoni, it was the second university in the education company, which today has 54 schools at 91 university locations in 15 countries with more than 170,000 enrolled students. As a member of the Executive Committee, Dr. Reimar Müller-Thum shares its fortunes.

University President Prof. Dr. Dr Castulus Kolo honors the work of his colleague on the Executive Committee: “With Reimar Müller-Thum, a CEO is leaving who had a deep personal connection to the university. A clever university manager who always saw the connection between academic reputation and economic success and opened up the appropriate spaces. I see this as a major strength of Macromedia in the private university landscape.”

Marc Irmisch-Petit: New CEO of Macromedia GmbH

As of January 10, 2023, the new CEO of Macromedia GmbH is Marc Irmisch-Petit. Born in Stuttgart, he is a proven leader with expertise in the digital economy, sales, digital marketing and e-recruiting. Most recently, Irmisch-Petit co-founded and built up the startup “Talentee” for almost three years. Talentee positions itself as a “Tinder-4-Jobs” platform to connect companies and young professionals before they graduate.

Irmisch-Petit worked for the US job portal Monster Worldwide for a total of eight years, most recently as Managing Director Europe. He worked for Microsoft Germany for eleven years after starting as Product Manager.