Recognition for exceptional commitment: Macromedia awards DAAD scholarships

On account of their special commitment to German Higher Education, Macromedia University has awarded three international students with a DAAD scholarship.

Congratulations to Bianca Radoslav and Aishwarya Ganesh from the Berlin Campus and Tomás Molina from the Cologne Campus.

How wonderful that you are with us and enrich our university community with your activities.

DAAD Scholarship for Bianca Radoslav

Romanian Bianca Radoslav is in her fifth semester of studying Acting B.A. at the Berlin Campus of Macromedia University.  In addition to her great academic commitment, she is also involved in Rotaract. The youth organisation of the international Rotary movement campaigns worldwide for humanity, peace and international understanding.

“For me, engaging in the university community is a crucial part of my student experience. I learnt that getting involved in extracurricular activities, as well as collaborating with students from other departments within Macromedia University further my development, help me meet many talented people, and enrich my communication skills. I feel grateful to receive the DAAD prize as an acknowledgement of all the dedication I put into my studies and work.” (Bianca Radoslav, Hochschule Macromedia, Berlin)

Engagement Scholarship for Aishwarya Ganesh and Tomás Molina

The Indian Aishwarya Ganesh is a Master’s student in the Media and Communication Management M.A. programme. Being part of the student council at Berlin campus, she became particularly visible during Macromedia’s the first nationwide Sustainability Days for which she helped organise the social programme.

“I have always been passionate about extracurricular activities that involve teamwork. Being part of the student council, I was responsible for organizing the ‘Sommer-Fest’ within Macromedia’s sustainability week with an incredibly talented team. When we started planning, we didn’t anticipate it to be on such a large scale. At last, we had over 200 students on campus.

Our primary KPIs for the event day were to provide an uninterrupted and delightful experience for all attending students, avoid any pressing urgencies, and allow a safe space for students to socialize and network while raising awareness around sustainability. It gives us great pleasure and pride to report that we met these goals and established a high level of talkability among the community of Macromedia University which was extremely rewarding.” (Aishwarya Ganesh, Hochschule Macromedia, Berlin)

Tomás Molina comes from Ecuador. He is studying Film and Television B.A. in the 7th semester at the Cologne Campus. He dedicated his graduation film to German-Ecuadorian relations.

„Studying abroad has allowed me to experience a completely different culture throughout all my studies; learn from it and its amazing people, and access opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. However, it has also allowed me to discover the essential parts of my culture and community that I carry with me everywhere I go, and allowed me to share them, and learn how valuable they’re for me.” (Tomás Molina, Hochschule Macromedia, Köln)

Diversity and Variety in German University Life

Lisa Decker, Head of International Office at Macromedia University, is pleased about the diversity of the DAAD award winners and explains the background of the scholarship award:

„It is important to the DAAD to promote diversity and variety at German universities. With the Engagement Scholarship and the DAAD Scholarship, they want to increase the visibility of so-called Bildungs-Ausländer:innen and show their great, integrative impulses for German university life,” says Decker. “At Macromedia, we see exactly that: our growing international community enriches the study experience for the German-speaking majority as well.“

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