Sewing against corona: Macromedia students produce masks

The large industrial sewing machines in the workshop of Atelier Chardon Savard stand still. For the fashion design students of Macromedia University’s sister school, classes are currently taking place online. Many private sewing machines, on the other hand, are running hot: Because of the supply shortage, students sew mouth and nose protectors and donate them to social institutions.

April Grant studies fashion design at Atelier Chardon Savard studio in Berlin. One of her courses this semester is called "Experimental Fabrics". However, her most important fabric is currently not very experimental: April makes mouth-nose protectors from old bed sheets besides her studies. "I found it very depressing to have to remain idle at home myself while nurses, doctors and nursing staff work until exhaustion. When the great need for masks became apparent, I immediately thought of sewing."

Re-washable masks: Refugee homes are grateful recipients for mouth and nose protection

The 23-year-old US-American did research on how to make a medically safe mask that is re-washable and then drew some patterns of mouse-nose-protections. She shared the patterns with fellow students and teachers and was overwhealmed by their positive feedback. By now, 20 students are sewing masks at home. “It feels like a great achievement”, April says. “But it is not only about helping others, it helped me a lot, too. Living by myself this project made me feel more connected to my fellow students and teachers and potential people that these masks will protect.”

Workshop manager Sanja Lukenda from Atelier Chardon Savard helps with distributing the masks – it has been 200 so far. "Our last delivery went to the community accommodation for refugees in Neukölln," she says, "Even a hospital has already taken masks off us – for the visitors. They were totally happy."

We say: thank you and happy work on this great project.

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