Thomas-Heinrich-Scholarship goes to Nicola Chodan

The newly announced Thomas Heinrich Scholarship goes to Nicola Chodan, a design student from Campus Berlin. This was decided by the jury of Macromedia University, consisting of the founders Alexandra Thom-Heinrich and Wolfgang Heinrich, Macromedia’s Vice-President Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo, the chairman of the Förderverein, Prof. Dr. Arthur Hofer, and the student spokesman Konrad Kaiser.

"With great power comes great responsibility". Design-Student Nicola Chodan used this Spiderman quote as a prelude to her letter of motivation for the Thomas Heinrich Scholarship. What seems presumptuous at first sight is relativized with regard to her biographical context. The only 19-year-old Chodan describes how she has grown as a dedicated Girl Scout increasingly in the role of the leader and now leads a tribe of 70 children and young people – among other things, during several week-long expeditions far away from civilization. This willingness to take responsibility and to engage in social interaction has been rated by the jury as a particular strength in Chodan’s application.

For the founders Alexandra Thom-Heinrich and Wolfgang Heinrich, social commitment is a matter of the heart, especially in intercultural cooperation. After expiry of the first funding period of five years, they not only decided to continue the foreign scholarship, but also to increase the funding volume. "Appreciation and respect for others is most likely to emerge as a guest in another culture. This dimension of international understanding is enormously important to us. That’s why we’re dedicating the Thomas Heinrich Scholarship to socially committed students," said Alexandra Thom-Heinrich and Wolfgang Heinrich.

Nicola Chodan will spend her semester abroad at the Vilnius College of Design in October 2019. It is a regular part of the seven-semester bachelor programme Media and Communication Design (B.A.), which the design student spends at Campus Berlin.

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