Top of Class: Honor for the best graduates of the year

Every semester, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences honors the three best graduates of the previous year in the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

In the summer semester, these were the Bachelor students Maristella Witt (Campus Freiburg), Sarah Gerdes (Campus Hamburg) and Marvin Fichtmüller (Campus Cologne) as well as the Master students Ann-Kathrin Schirpke (Campus Cologne), Charlotte Britton and Magdalena Dietrich (both Campus Munich).

Congratulations to these six, congratulations to all 500 graduates of the current graduation year.

What do our graduates take away from the university? What topic did you devote your thesis to? And what are your next steps?

We asked the best of the year. Here are some answers.

Ann-Kathrin Schirpke, Media and Communication Management M.A., Campus Cologne:

“In my master’s thesis, I examined the extent to which our personality influences which persuasion mechanisms we are particularly easily convinced of. I find the topic exciting because I think that personality-based communication will continue to gain relevance in the future. This can not only be used for classic advertising, but also make an important contribution in the context of social marketing campaigns, as I was able to prove in my thesis.”

Magdalena Dietrich, Business Management M.A., Campus Munich:

“In my master’s thesis, I dealt with dual leadership. The aim of the work was to develop a quantitative evaluation model that can be used to make a well-founded decision for or against this management concept. It aims to provide companies with an opportunity to examine whether the adoption adds value or is a waste of financial resources.”

Charlotte Britton, Design Management M.A., Munich campus:

“It was so rewarding to learn from and collaborate with such an international group of people throughout my studies, and to work together on all kinds of hands-on projects. We had a lot of fun and I made some great friendships that will last a lifetime!”

Marvin Fichtmüller, Media Management B.A., Cologne campus:

“At Macromedia, I was given the basic tools and enthusiasm for my job in the field of data and analytics in a tangible way. I look forward to further developing these skills and preparing myself for further challenges related to digitization and big data.”

Sarah Gerdes, Media Management B.A., Campus Hamburg:

“Since I completed an apprenticeship before my studies, I will now enjoy a time without project submissions and exams – as a Concept & Content Manager at Podstars by OMR.”


We say: thank you for the time together, thank you for the common path – and all the best for the future.


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