Who we are: Macromedia presents Imagespot

What is it like to study at Macromedia University? How do we differ from other universities? Students, alumni, business partners, and professors answer these questions in English in a recently released short video. With our beautiful Munich Campus as a backdrop, the two-minute short portrays everyday life at Macromedia. It’s a must-see!

A picture speaks a thousand words, and for the shots from our Munich Campus, nothing could be more true. The new video creates an image of the benefits of studying at Macromedia: an individualized experience- industry-oriented- that helps students get a foot into the world of ‘work 4.0’. Follow our students Nanette Willberg, Hassan Atia, Sina Kammerer, and Tina Do through classrooms, visits with business partners, and around the bustling city of Munich.

Thomas Göbl & David Feuerstein: Macromedia power behind camera and editing table

The target group of the short was prospective students from abroad, even if the ‘study experience’ shown applies to the entire Macromedia cosmos. It was created by Thomas Göbl with the support of Campus Director Prof. Dr. Beate Wilhelm. Göbl was responsible for the entirety of post-production. He, together with David Feuerstein, developed the concept of the two-minute spot. David Feuerstein is a graduate of Macromedia University and has since returned as a lecturer to the Film and Television Degree course. As a director and DoP, the award-winning advertisment filmmaker used his experience to create an incredible visual representation of Macromedia.

Macromedia community: thanks to students, alumna, business partners

We would like to thank all those involved. Above all, thank you to our: students and alumni, Katharina Kastenmeier from PAYBACK, our business partner Martin Lieser from the Rapid Peaks agency. Additionally, a warm thank you to our lecturers: Prof. Dr. Beate Wilhelm, Prof. Dr. Mo Badr, Prof. Kristina Kern and Prof. Oliver Sasz.  #youchange

Here is how to find the new Macromedia image film on YouTube: https://youtu.be/_X5BAdgqtn4.