World Elite University Dragon Boat Regatta": Macromedia finishes 6th in the competition"

Macromedia’s Dragon Boat Team finished in 6th place at the international college regatta in Donghai, China. Taking 1st was Universidad Pablo de Olavide- with several members of the Spanish National Canoe Team on board. The students of the University of St. Petersburg paddled into second place, while the team of the Chinese Nanjing University came third. Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, under their coach Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Hebbel-Seeger, beat out several Chinese teams, Harvard University, and the University of Palermo. Job well done!

"I’m totally satisfied with our team. Within a single week, they’ve developed into strong canoeists. Thanks for your fighting spirit and commitment! You’ve been great,” comments Prof. Dr. Andreas Hebbel-Seeger, coach of Macromedia team in the "World Elite University Dragon Boat Regatta" in Donghai, China. 

A challenge accepted

Macromedia’s team was composed of 13 of Macromedia students from 4 different campuses. The team met in Hamburg for a two-day intensive training with Coach Seeger before heading to China. The odds seemed stacked against them. For most, the two-day training session was the first time they met each other; and not one member had any previous experience with Dragon Boats. The team still managed to perform incredibly well. While athletic demand and skills were a huge part of the competition, the overall experience in China was just as rewarding. "This was a huge event in the region; our races were broadcast on Chinese television," said Olivia Binde, a sports journalist major from our Hamburg Campus. "There was a spectacular supporting program and I was really impressed by the organization." 

An unexpected avenue for international friendships

Outside of the competition, students from different teams around the globe had time to interact with each other. For Macromedia team member, Edwin Rosenberger, from the Munich Campus, the community experience with the other universities was a prominent part of the competition. "There were various opportunities to meet members of other teams, including a cool evening event the competition organized. ‘What are you studying? Where are you from?’ These were the typical questions asked among students. I felt like a part of a large university community. It really was an extraordinary experience, for which I am very grateful." It just goes to show that university athletics can be a wonderful opportunity for cultural understanding. 

Congrats to our Macromedia Dragon Boat team! Fingers crossed there will be another competition next year!