Oliver Szasz


Prof. Oliver Szasz belongs to the faculties of Macromedia Graduate School as well as Macromedia School of Creative Arts at Munich campus. He teaches media and communication design, design theory, design ethics and design thinking since 2011.



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Background of Oliver Szasz

From 2001 to 2010, he was the Managing Director and owner of an interdisciplinary design agency in London, from 1997 to 2000 a lecturer in South Africa and senior designer for international agencies in the Cayman Islands and Barcelona.

Prof. Oliver Szasz studied philosophy, political science and sociology before his diploma in Communications Design at the Augsburg University and the Master’s degree (MA Design Studies) at the University of the Arts (CSM), London. His contributions to the theory development and research in the area of authenticity and responsibility of the designer were honoured with a Master of Arts with distinction and in the form of a multimedia installation in London and Berlin.

Influenced by a study of philosophy, political science and sociology, Prof. Szasz is engaged in cross-media design projects with social-philosophical themes that are reflected in his concepts and artistic work. His multimedia and film projects have been exhibited internationally.

In his teaching, Prof. Szasz emphasizes and promotes openness to ideas and people, ability to think positively and differently, and viewing cultural identities as opportunities. His research interests include social innovation, sustainability, design ethics, intercultural communication, human-centered design and design thinking.