Silvio Barta


Prof. Silvio Barta teaches Interaction Design on Campus Hamburg. Building on a architecture programme at the University of Toronto, Barta decided early on to pursue a more interdisciplinary approach and grduated with a diploma degree in architecture and design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Already during his studies, Barta worked with startups and agency during the infancy of the internet, designing the first steps of the digitalisation. His work for various SME and international companies, especially in the automative sector in south Germany, focused on 3D modelling and design and User Experience design.


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Without Design It's Just A Lump of Gold: Future Developments in Design as Luxury.


Background of Silvio Barta

From 2004 onwards Barta has been deeply committed to design education. The Canadian has taught at private and public universities and has been involved in developing design programmes and cooperations internationally, in Switzerland, Finland, Scotland, Turkey and Morocco amongst others.

Students at the Macromedia University benefit from Prof. Barta’s extensive repertoire of creative problem solving approaches and his broad international experiences in the industry and academia.

He sees design in an interdisciplinary context as a tool for solving problems and driving innovation. Students profit also from his networks and experience with the industry and in cooperation projects.

Prof. Barta’s research activities focus on the digitalisation of aesthetics and he also examines this topic artistically.