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Prof. Dr. Tom Santoro is a professor in the Media and Communication Department. He also instructs in other Macromedia University departments (i.e., intercultural business communication in the international management master’s program). He has been instructing communication, media, business, and specialized English courses for Macromedia University since 2009.


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Facing No, Vol.2: Introduction to the Intercultural Business Communication Competence and International.


Background of Thomas Santoro

Originally from New York City, Prof. Santoro has spent most of his professional life both in academia and in the business world. In North America, he had a corporate training (intercultural foreign assignment integration) and consulting company for nearly twenty years in an area of concentrated international investment (i.e., BMW in Spartanburg, S.C.). Parallel to that, Dr. Santoro taught BA and MA students in U.S. universities such as the McColl Business School in intercultural business communication. He also advised and coached local and international clients on international start-ups / entrepreneurism, intercultural business communication, and professional language competency expertise.

His other university instruction and corporate training experience includes business, technical, and legal English instruction at a wide variety of universities and MNEs for global executives and technical professionals. Tom Santoro is, as such, an expert in specialized English language and communication applications (on-site and online).

His academic research, writing and interests are interdisciplinary. Though his focus is on intercultural business communication and business management, his specialized and integrated interests and expertise include: media digitalization, global virtual team management (GLVT, X-Culture Project), international customer relationship management (ICRM), conflict management (international / intercultural), cultural studies, law office management (mediation, ADR, paralegal studies), specialized English instruction (business, technical, legal),

As a certified business mediator and conflict management specialist with an international / intercultural focus, he attempts to enhance as much of his instructional offerings with a synergistic spin that stresses relationship building in an increasingly isolated global society. His interdisciplinary approach and perspective is an asset for the students he teaches in that it encourages adaptability in an ever-changing global environment. He encourages his students to embrace the accelerating digitalization, virtualization, and internationalization trends.

This is how he would express his teaching attitude:

“Understanding the needs of each Macromedia student and how to make knowledge transfer interesting, competent, and entertaining is a challenge I welcome each new semester. Expect the unexpected, always add to your professional toolkit, and then make change work for you”.