Danone Water

#BETTER TOGETHER: Campaign for sustainability

How can young people be motivated to be interested in protecting the environment?

This question was the basis of the practical cooperation between Macromedia University, DANONE WATERS (Germany) and the communication agency ressourcenmangel. The aim was to develop a cross-media campaign to introduce the B Corp certification of DANONE WATERS in the German market. The “B” stands for beneficial and the certification is given to only those companies, who voluntarily meet certain standards of transparency, responsibility and sustainability. The company is not only obliged to generate economic value but to contribute to society in solving social and environmental problems.

Two-third of the German population considers the conservation of the environment and nature as a key to managing future tasks like globalization. Sustainable development is thus seen as a great chance to achieve better health and life quality, which is thought to also lead to an improved sense of community. The problem is, that the majority still sees the industry in charge of environmental and climate protection and doesn´t think, that one could make a change. Therefore only a few are actually committed to social and environmental goals, whereas the rest doesn´t feel responsible or considers environmental protection as something that takes too much effort or collides with individual life goals are their lifestyle. That’s the reason, why helping the environment through technical and social innovations is seen as particularly effective and why hands-on initiatives from companies to motivate and work together are wished for.

From these insights Macromedia students, in collaboration with DANONE WATERS and the agency ressourcenmangel were able to build the cross-media campaign “BBetter Together”, to introduce the B Corp certification for DANONE WATERS Germany. BBetter Together invites people, that are conscious of sustainability to the Danone Campus, to pitch their ideas to improve the world. The Danone Campus Tour will start in Berlin and is supposed to go nationwide. After that, the communications about POS (Point of Sales) and a relationship with the brands Volvic and Evian will broaden the campaign even more.

The campaign was presented to a big jury at the GWA Junior Agency Day, where it was evaluated. The students were, especially through their strategic approach and their highly emotional presentation, able to convince the jury of their idea.

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck stated, that she is very proud of the students´ performance. “They received a very complex briefing to the position of DANONE WATERS Germany with the B Corp Sustainability Certificate, which was still unknown in Germany. Furthermore, it was our first time to implement such a large project with an international team. The result is an emotional and scalable campaign, that is especially appealing to the young start-up scene in Berlin and additionally manages to broaden its scope by integrating Volvic and Evian”.