Potential of Artificial Intelligence for Media Houses

Artificial intelligence, AI: these buzzwords are omnipresent in current media, not infrequently associated with emotionalizing reports. Depending on the perspective, the self-learning systems are either exaggerated as saviors or demonized as harbingers of future machine rule.

Macromedia research: applied & opportunity-oriented

The teaching at Macromedia University focuses on the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence. Accordingly, the joint practical project with Microsoft focused on the concrete potential of artificial intelligence for media houses. Where can intelligent systems relieve the strain on employees and give them more freedom for creative activities? Where can completely new value chains be defined with the help of self-learning algorithms? In close cooperation with the project managers at Microsoft, Macromedia master’s students researched concrete application scenarios for artificial intelligence in media houses.

Microsoft Practice Project: Evaluating Concrete Application Scenarios

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Castulus Kolo and Prof. Dr. Florian Haumer, the students gained insights into the following topics:

  • Artificial intelligence and the change of value creation structures in newspaper publishers (Lucas Lutz)
  • Artificial intelligence’s impact on media industries – Examination of changes in value creation by analysis of AI media start-ups (Julia Röhrl)
  • Conversational journalism and AI – Interaction perception and self-disclosure with current and advanced chatbot technology (Markus Giese)
  • How useful is personality mining from social networks for media management purposes? (Denise Pfeffermann)

Macromedia Applied Research Symposium (MARS): Discussion of Research Results

Based on the results of the Microsoft practical project, the University organized the first Macromedia applied research symposium or MARS for short. The idea of the new event format is to pass on the results of the applied Macromedia research projects to top managers in an uncomplicated manner and to test their practical suitability.

Organizers and speakers enjoyed lively discussions and an excellent response to their presentations among the invited top managers from Microsoft, DuMont, Abendzeitung, and Media & Telco industries.

Practice partner

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH