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Customer Experience Score

Widely considered by many experts as one of the most important KPI’s in both the product and service industries is customer experience, also occasionally referred to as ‘user experience’. However, to date, finding an accurate measurement tool for customer experience has proven challenging due to the complex nature of the KPI.

Customer Experience Score: Central parameter for online marketers

With this in mind, Macromedia students collaborated with the Munich Digital Institute with a goal of finding a better way to analysis ‘CX’. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Florian Haumer, they delved into the intricacies of the topic and were thus able to develop a new measurement method: the ‘Customer Experience Score’. Even more reliable and holistic than the previously customary ‘Net Promoter Score’, this new method additionally captures: experience, satisfaction, and the commitment of users.

Experts from the Munich Digital Institute worked closely with our students to shape the project into a well-research and feasible methodology. The Munich Digital Institute also aided in the creation of a presentation for the Beef4Brands 2019 Conference, which they hosted. The three-day-long digital brand management event was held in Munich in June and co-organized by W & V. Macromedia master’s students, Alyssa Ritters and Matheus Strüssmann, had the opportunity to present the new methodology and measurement tool among a lineup of international speakers.

Beef4Brands: Great project conclusion at digital marketing conference

When asked about her experience, student Alyssa Ritters commented, “The development of the CX-Score [customer experience score] was an exciting project and the cooperation with the Munich Digital Institute was a lot of fun. We were all the more pleased and proud to present the results at the Beef4Brands Conference.”

Statement Industry Partner

“For us, it was important to find a scientific partner who, in terms of data science, could develop in tandem with us a serious and valid model. This is exactly the role the students of Macromedia fulfilled. We alone have received a vast amount of interest from renowned companies concerning the MUNICH DIGITAL CX-Score.”

Christian Henne
Founder and Managing Director

Photos: ©Munich Marketing Week/M. Kroll/P. Jelen

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