Tiny Foundation

Developing Concepts for Tiny Living in Urban Context

Together with project partner Tiny Foundation, Macromedia students from Campus Berlin dove deep into the question of rethinking urban living within the limits of scarcity. Under the supervision of German-Korean architect Van-Bo Le Mentzel (Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Friedrich-Carl Wachs, students were asked to develop individual concepts for “Tiny Living in an Urban Context“.

Starting with the situation analysis of modern international metropolises students developed and visualized ideas for reduced space capacities in the field of individual living while discovering and recognizing the underlying urban planning consequences and requirements. A special aspect that had to be considered was the changing mobility demand in terms of self-driving units in the urban context.

Individual presentations & discussions in the group to challenge the results and adapt them to growing cities like Berlin. The project included an excursion together with the project host in the Tiny House Garage in Berlin-Teltow.

Project partner and students were thrilled to work on the concepts. Two current master theses are dedicated to “Tiny Houses” and “Circular Cities” in turn.

Statement Project Partner

„I was impressed by the range of concepts the students from Macromedia University developed over the course of the semester. They came up with brilliant ideas to shape the future of the cities.“

Van-Bo Le Mentzel
Founder Tiny Foundation
Curator of Bauhaus Campus Berlin (2018)

Practice partner

Tiny Foundation