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About Us Mission Statement of Macromedia University

Mission Statement

The goal of Macromedia University is to transform students into lasting developers of digital transformation. We aim to educate individuals who will meet the demands of our accelerated society with comprehensive media, multidisciplinary, and intercultural skills, who will shape the industrial and creative landscapes demanded by the economic, cultural, and social life of the future.

We also aim to motivate our students with a culture of lifelong learning. We want to support them in their personal development and enable them to participate in a free, democratic, and constitutional environment.

Educate. Promote. Enable.

In a word: Empowerment. We took the most meaningful component of this word to give a name to Macromedia University’s promised service: mPower. 

mPower not only represents our promise to our students, but also reflects another dimension: The university’s aim to manage its organisational structure, resource management, and corporate culture in such a way that this framework not only enables innovation, but also systematically promotes it based on sustainable growth criteria.

In an overall social context, we define ourselves as a service provider to our students, as a partner to business and culture, and as a corporate citizen. We encourage critical feedback and open communication from our employees, and we base our work together on the principles of competence, responsibility, and delegation. The following characteristics are particularly important to the corporate culture of Macromedia University of Applied Sciences:

  • Knowledge-based and entrepreneurial
  • Innovative and creative
  • Cooperative and personal
  • International and networked
Diversity at Macromedia University