Mission Statement Diversity at Macromedia University

Diversity and Attitude – Macromedia University is gradually developing viable and sustainable diversity models

The diversity of modern society, influenced by globalisation and demographic change, is shaping public life in Germany. We can only be successful socially, culturally, politically, and economically if we recognise and make use of the diversity that exists. Macromedia University is therefore constantly enhancing its internal and external approaches to diversity, understanding it not only as a buzzword, but as a process to be continually renewed, in which sustainable models of tolerant and fair coexistence are to be developed and tested within the university.

The university’s Diversity Committee, as an institution of the Executive Board, thus consciously decided against a ready-made diversity concept, but rather in favour of the path of jointly testing diversity models, which should not only be rhetorically effective, but above all practical. As a first step, the university has signed “The Diversity Charter” (German: Charta der Vielfalt) and addressed internal language sensitivity through clear recommendations.

The university understands this process as a discourse process that does not strive to present ready-made results, but rather an ongoing strategy of joint reflection on the opportunities and potentials of the university in order to achieve a major goal by taking small but steady steps: The participation of as many internal and external stakeholder groups as possible in a contemporary understanding of diversity in higher education.

Executive Board of Macromedia University of Applied Sciences