Institutions Senate

Macromedia University Senate

The Senate is the academic self-governing body of Macromedia University. As a democratically elected collegial body, it functions alongside the individual governing roles (President and Vice President Teaching and Faculty) and provides advisory, strategic and supervisory functions.
Areas in which the senate’s approval is required include the university strategy, the constitution, all academic statutes, guidelines for appointment procedures, and the appointment of academic management positions as well as of professors.

The elected members of the Senate are six representatives from the group of full-time professors, one representative from the group of academic research assistants, two representatives from the student body and, by virtue of their offices, the President, the Vice Presidents and the Deans.

Senate Members:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo


Dr. Reimar Müller-Thum

Managing Director Macromedia GmbH

Prof. Ute Masur

Vice President Teaching and Faculty Campus

Prof. Tanja Schmitt-Fumian

Dean Creative Arts Faculty

Prof. Dr. Florian Haumer

Dean Media Faculty

Prof. Dr. Jochen R. Pampel

Dean Business Faculty

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hestermann

Professorship Journalism

Prof. Dr. Tamara Ranner

Professorship Media Management

Prof. Michael Leuthner

Professorship Film and Television

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Badr

Professorship Media Management

Prof. Tutia Schaad

Atelier Chardon Savard Head of Fashion Innovation

Prof. Dr. Thomas Döbler

Head of Examination Committee and Research Committee

Prof. Dr. Arthur Hofer

Chairman Macromedia Community e.V.

Christopher Schmidt

Representative from the group of academic research assistants