Institutions Student Councils

Representing student interests, shaping university life

The student body of Macromedia University is organised into a system of local and national representatives. The student representatives arrange for student feedback, act as a mouthpiece for student interests to various representatives of the university, support student projects and organise campus events.
The national student council is systematically integrated into the governing structures of Macromedia University.

It has a permanent voice in the university senate and the faculty council. Furthermore, the university management has established a regular, informal exchange with the council and consults the national student representatives in many decision-making processes.

Facts about the student councils

The local student council at Macromedia University consist of 10 to 20 students from all disciplines per campus. An elected spokesperson and their deputy lead the team and coordinate their activities.
On a national level, three representatives are also elected (one national representative and two deputy representatives), who network the local student councils and promote exchange among the groups.
Session frequency
The student council usually meets every fortnight and remains in constant contact with the directors and /or delegated professors at their respective locations.

The local student council and the national representatives are happy to answer any of your questions by email.