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Macromedia University Management

Macromedia University is governed in accordance with a binding constitution, the principle of which is close cooperation between representatives from teaching and administration on all levels. The highest body is the Executive board. Here, all strategic decisions are made jointly in an exchange between the University President, the Vice President University Management and the Vice President Teaching and Faculty.

The President

The President represents the university in public. Internally, he ensures the smooth interaction of all organs. He is responsible for all academic policy and research matters, in particular for the academic policy programme, the new and further development of research and study programmes and their quality assurance in academic terms.

“Our university belongs at the heart of society. We want to shape sustainable change: as a player in applied research and a partner to industry and the scientific community, as a committed corporate citizen and as an education provider who enables students to participate successfully and responsibly in the living and working environments of the future. We call this holistic aspiration: mPower.”
Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo, The President of Macromedia University,
Portrait Ute Masur

The Vice President Teaching and Faculty

The Vice President Teaching and Faculty is responsible for the area of teaching and faculty development. In particular, this includes the quality assurance of the central examination system, as well as the implementation of teaching and the academic services accompanying teaching.

“We live in a digitalised, globalised, highly accelerated society, which constantly and spontaneously places new demands on all of us. We want to respond to this development with new ways of learning and teaching. By actively developing their future skills, we aim to empower our graduates to face new challenges independently, self-confidently, creatively and in teams – so that learning processes become educational processes.”
Prof. Ute Masur, The Vice President Teaching and Faculty,

The Vice President University Management

The Vice President University Management is responsible for the daily operation of the university. She heads the central university administration (IT, human resources, finance, marketing and sales) and is responsible for the budgetary execution.

“Higher education is a special business field with plenty of intrinsic motivation. This shapes our organisation, both administratively and academically. As a member of the international education group Galileo Global Education, we are proud to be improving access to academic education worldwide.”
Halyna Yaremko, The Vice President University Management,