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Doctoral projects at Macromedia

Macromedia University places great value on the training of young scholars and the introduction to their respective scientific communities, with positions dedicated specifically to research assistants and associates. External supervision of doctoral thesis projects is also made possible.

Mafalda Sandrini (Campus Berlin)

Doctoral topic: A Multidimensional Network Approach to Strategic (Inter)Organizational Communication. The case of large NGOs and Refugee Organizations within the Networked Public Sphere in Berlin-Brandenburg Area.

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Nanette Willberg (Campus Munich)

Doctoral topic: Designing Social Microlearning Instructions for Blended Learning Scenarios in Higher Education: Mixed Methods Research at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences.

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Alexander Roth (Campus Munich)

Since October 2018, he has been working as a research assistant and lecturer at campus Munich of Macromedia. Among other things, he teaches on the topics of “Sports Science”, “Scientific Working” and “Empirical Research and Statistics”.

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Marco Inderhees (Campus Cologne)

Doctoral topcic: Customer Co-Creation in Social Media – Empirische Untersuchung und Entwicklung eines Modells zur Aktivierung von Teilnehmenden für Innovationsbeteiligung

Doctorates at Macromedia

Essential is a passion for research and a genuine, deep interest in knowledge. We do not support purely status-oriented doctoral thesis projects.
Generally, doctoral thesis projects are carried out in cooperation with domestic universities or foreign partner institutions that have the right to award doctorates.

A professor at Macromedia University then takes on co-supervision of the project. In addition to this supervision, the university promotes doctoral thesis projects by supporting conference participation and integration into research seminars on campus as well as into national academic events.