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Research projects at Macromedia University

Applied research is an important pillar of Macromedia University and an integral part of Macromedia’s teaching. One main focus is on the opportunities of the digital transformation in business and society. There are longer-term research cooperations with some partners. In the following, we provide a brief overview of current, particularly exciting projects that are funded as part of the Research Project Award. In addition, there are many other important topics that colleagues are pursuing and implementing.

Microsoft News: Using artificial intelligence in the news business

Since 2017, Microsoft News has been involved in a number of applied research projects at Macromedia University. The overarching research interest of the long-term cooperation is the potential of artificial intelligence for media companies. How can intelligent systems increase efficiency and effectiveness or relieve employees and give them more freedom for creative activities? Where can new value chains be defined with the help of self-learning algorithms? How can media companies generate product and business model innovations through the use of artificial intelligence?

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Job description and digitalisation: Three-country study on the professional self-image of press spokespersons

The technology of digital communication has long been an everyday routine in the job description of press spokespersons. However, digital communication encompasses more than just the content of dialogue-oriented channels such as Twitter, Facebook, email, video conferences (Zoom, Teams, etc.), TikTok and WhatsApp.

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Hate Speech: Framing, Dynamics, and Intervention

In the interdisciplinary team of the overall research project consisting of media scientists, psychologists, lawyers and data analysts, the framing of discourse contributions and the dynamics of hate-driven communication will be analysed in the media research module with a view on successful interventions.

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Mental concepts of passion: the effect of concordance on entrepreneurial passion and performance

Passionate pursuit of a hobby or leisure activity leads many young, creative, and talented people into entrepreneurship. Their start-ups are seen as drivers of innovation and growth and are promoted worldwide. This passion can spill over into the business or can lead to conflict and therefore plays a significant role in determining business success and failure.

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Regenerative Play in Utopia: Ecological Counter-Discourses in Science Fiction Video Games

Ecological science fiction imagines worlds in which contemporary pollutions and their potential magnitude are discussed in the estranged context of a fictional world. These narratives, in other words, explore alternatives to our empirical present in which ecological issues are either solved or considerably improved upon.

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Student Crowd Research (SCoRe): Video learning through research on sustainability

Together with the University of Bremen, the University of Hamburg, the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel and the technology company Ghostthinker, Macromedia University has been involved in the research project “Video-based Learning through Research on Sustainability: Student Crowd Research (SCoRe)” since October 2018. The multi-year collaborative project is financially supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (German: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, or BMBF) as part of its High-Tech Strategy 2025.

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