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Student Crowd Research (SCoRe): Macromedia is a research network partner

Macromedia University joined forces in October 2018 with the University of Bremen, the University of Hamburg, the University of Kiel and the technology enterprise Ghostthinker on a research project entitled “Video-based learning through research on sustainability: Student Crowd Research (SCoRe)”. This multi-year collaborative project is supported financially by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of its High-Tech Strategy 2025.

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Microsoft News: Macromedia researches the use of artificial intelligence in the news industry

Microsoft News has been involved in a number of applied research projects at Macromedia University since 2017. The overarching research interest of this long-term cooperation is in the potential of artificial intelligence for media businesses. How can intelligent systems increase efficiency and effectiveness and take the strain off employees, giving them more freedom for creative activities? Where can new value chains be defined with the help of self-learning algorithms? How can media businesses generate new product and business models using artificial intelligence?

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