“Social media is the media we use to be social. That’s it.“ In his “Social Media Bible”, Lon Safko uses this brief, concise definition to describe the social media and networks which have increasing influence on our communication and, above all else, the public relations sector. Previous research has focused principally on the private, economic or societal value of these (now well established) phenomena.

However, little attention has been paid to the questions of how governments and establihsed, institutionalised non-governmental organisations (NGOs) currently use Web 2.0 and social media, in particular in their communication, or how their usage could be improved in the future. Furthermore, this question is crucial for the future of political communication and the way the society of tomorrow is shaped.

This important knowledge gap, which is becoming an international issue, will at least be partly filled by the next Spring Symposium of the “European Public Relations Education and Research Association” (EUPRERA), which takes place on February 17th & 18th at the MHMK University in Berlin (Germany). This microsite gives more detailed information about the symposium and will be updated regularly.

Dear colleagues,

It is a pleasure and an honour for the MHMK – Macromedia University for Media and Communication to host the 5th Spring Symposium of EUPRERA. Our subject will be Web 2.0 in governmental and NGO communication in Europe – an issue that is of crucial importance for the future of our democracy.

For two days in February 2012, we will unite academics and professionals from many European countries at our new campus site in Berlin-Kreuzberg – quite close to the former wall. The MHMK team consists of ten full and part time professors in PR and Communication Management, teaching about 300 students who have chosen this field of study as their specialization within media management.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Holger Sievert
Coordinator Study Field PR & Communication Management at MHMK

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