Alumna Clarissa Amaral

Clarissa Amaral
Media and Design (M.A.)

Bachelor of Arts (Focus in Digital Media), Union College, NY

Trainee at 21Diamonds, Munich | E-commerce Start-up

I come from a very artistic background, having parents who are artist, uncles and aunts who are artists, and a very influential brother who is also an artist, more particular, a designer. I could tell from the beginning of my studies that it would be extremely hard to deviate from such an artistic pattern. Since I was always very talented with Mathematics, I thought I would at least give it a shot and take some Engineering and Math undergraduate courses. Nevertheless, after a few of these courses, I have discovered that there was no way I could be happy looking at numbers and calculations every single day of my life. I needed something more creative, more artistic, more me. The good thing about studying at a Liberal Arts College in the USA is that you don’t need to know your field of studies when you apply for the college so, as an 18-year-old teenager, you are allowed to explore all the different fields that interest you. It is only by the end of the second year that the students have to fully declare their majors. I was lucky enough for being in such a college that allowed me to change majors 3 times, explore several different fields of studies, and still graduate within the 4 year time frame. Yet, graduating with honours and summa cum lade from a Top Liberal Arts College in NY still didn’t get me a job in the USA during the long lasting economic crisis. I am sure having a Brazilian passport didn’t help, and the fact that the thousands of Americans who had graduated in the same year as I did were also having a hard time finding a job and other thousands were already previously unemployed most certainly didn’t help either.

Because the job situation in the US was quite chaotic, I decided that the best thing for me at the moment was to further my studies, which would take a few more years and maybe by then the economy would recover. I looked at graduate schools in the US and Europe, I applied to a few of them but the one program that interested me the most was the Media and Design Master studies at MHMK. I liked the fact that the school was situated Munich, a city which still offers lots of jobs, I liked the small class environment that they could offer, I liked the background from the professors, the practical approach they follow, and the students they put me in contact with.

Today, I can look back and say that I am very happy with the decisions I have made during my undergraduate studies and I am glad it lead me to such a high level Master Program in Germany. MHMK turned out to be the perfect fit for me as a student and also a direct channel to the job market.


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