Alumna Corinna Frick

Corinna Frick
Media and Communication Management (M.A.)

Bachelor of Science (BWL)

Working student at Mediascale/ Serviceplan
Intern at MPR

Occupational career and development:
I always thought that I was an uncomplicated person, but I am not!

I am a bit of everything. Not really small but neither tall. I like meat but only chicken. I would love to live on a deserted island in the pacific but I would be the first to complain about the heat, the boredom and the missing sanitary facilities. I am creative but not that much to become a famous designer, singer or writer.

During my bachelor studies in business administration I was sad not to have lectures where I could show my creative side of thinking, but I really appreciated to learn and achieve leadership and management qualifications.

So I asked myself what to do after my bachelor degree? Doing a Master’s degree, working abroad and get new experiences or first doing an internship?

I am an in-between person, wanting all and not missing anything at the same time. I know what I don’t want but it’s difficult for me to combine all the things I like in one job.

Finally I found the perfect combination of management lectures and creative thinking I always searched for - the master program at the MHMK in Munich!

The MHMK master program is offering a unique learning atmosphere and through projects with real customers and various guest lectures, every student will be prepared for the real business life.

Working in small groups, developing real-life- business projects and improving individual communication and soft skills, helps every student to find and improve his specific competences and realizes his job commitment.

And I think this is the most important thing I learned during my master studies at the MHMK till now. It doesn’t matter if you are a specialist in accounting or a great talent in drawing.
It’s important to find out what’s your dedication and you will find a way to make it to your future life.

The combination and transformation of all parts I am good at, is the secret to become successful and satisfied at the same time. The secret to solve my dilemma: Wanting all and not missing anything at the same time!!!


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