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Accreditations and certifications of Macromedia University

Shaping our era are such global megatrends as digitalisation, mediatisation, and urbanisation, which put pressure on all educational institutions. Which of the relevant skills will turn today’s youth into successful, creative, and responsible developers of tomorrow’s world?

Our university is working hard to find the right answers to this question. Through a continuous process of intensive dialogue, evaluation, and quality assurance, we adapt our study programmes every semester to meet these demands.

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Proof of quality in German higher education

The German accreditation system requires a complex process. As a private university, our study programmes must undergo close examination at different levels: The study programmes (programme accreditations), the institution (institutional accreditation), and the university’s own quality management system (system accreditation). Further below, please find a description of the accreditation forms as well as a complete overview of the accredited Macromedia study programmes, including all specialisations, available for download as a PDF file.
We welcome the cooperation with the committees of the German accreditation system, as they are demanding drivers for our own pursuit of cutting-edge, career-oriented study programmes in the fields of media, management and communication, digital technologies and design, sports, psychology, games, journalism, film, fashion, music and acting.
At the same time, we appreciate the signalling effect these accreditations have on the outside world. These seals of quality offer an orientation to our prospective students and their families in their search for the right university.

System Accreditation

Since July 2019, Macromedia University has been one of the system-accredited private universities in Germany.

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Institutional Accreditation

Macromedia University received institutional accreditation from the Science Council for the first time in 2011.

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Programme Accreditations

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences holds program accreditations from the external accreditation agencies FIBAA and ZEvA and, since 2019, from its own accreditation bodies.

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