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The university is a place that enables, promotes, and demands academic vibrancy — whether it be teaching and learning, research, artistic practice, or knowledge transfer to economy and society.
We demand openness to change and lifelong learning not only from our students, but also from our institution.
Science teaches us to deal positively with uncertainty. It helps us to keep finding new and innovative solutions, also in an entrepreneurial sense. In academic discourse, we experience the power of debate, and the strength of pluralism and diversity of opinion.

For us, freedom of expression reaches its limits where it collides with our social and ethical principles. Every community activity, and every interaction in and out of our university sphere, occurs within a framework of non-negotiable principles. These include a commitment to gender equality, social diversity, and general equality of opportunity.
We have gathered these principles in a guiding Code of Conduct. It is binding for all members of our university family and provides a basis for sanctions in the event of non-compliance.

Wolken am Himmel

University Management

Macromedia University is governed in accordance with a binding constitution, the principle of which is close cooperation between representatives from teaching and administration on all levels.

People at Macromedia University
Futuristischer Wohnturm vor Himmel in blau-rosa

Like every public university, Macromedia University has a structure of institutions that perform administration and ensure the quality of its teaching and research.