University Teaching & Didactics

Three aspects distinguish the quality of teaching at Macromedia University:

The personality of the instructors.
At Macromedia University, instructors have always been more than mere knowledge brokers. The university’s blended learning concept underscores this aspect. Instructors act as learning guides, facilitators and coaches. They keep the personal development of the students as much as their academic development in mind.
The relevance of practical teaching.
At Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, applied research and practical teaching rule the methodology. Students work cooperatively on projects shaped by current issues in the industry. The university’s large network of corporate partners guarantees that even the rapid innovation cycles of today‘s digitally driven economy will be reflected in the lessons.
The decision for blended learning.
Both synchronous and asynchronous activities supplement the traditional teaching styles in our blended learning approach (see also: study design). The combination of these elements makes the didactic advantages of the respective learning scenarios all the more effective and promotes the development of future skills in many ways.

The decision in favour of blended learning must be seen in an overarching context. With the advantages as identified in the methodology, we take a look at three central challenges for the learning of the future:

The dynamics of globalisation and digitalisation
The focus on future skills associated with the approach to blended learning allows graduates to solve complex challenges successfully in the long term and to cultivate a passion for lifelong learning.
The diversity of students
Standardised learning processes do not do justice to an increasingly heterogeneous student body. Blended learning allows much greater flexibility for study independent of time and place and in the choice of individual learning parameters.
Technological development
Blended learning at Macromedia University makes consistent use of the virtual, collaborative and analytical possibilities of digital learning platforms. At the same time, it challenges students and the institution to find solutions for pressing digital risks in privacy, protection of intellectual property, etc.
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Pedagogical Concept

Blended learning is a central building block in the comprehensive study pledge of Macromedia University. The specific implementation of hybrid teaching is based on the concept “Macromedia 2020+ Sustainable Implementation of Blended Learning at the University” (2020), written by pedagogical experts Prof. Dr. Ute Masur, Prof. Dr. Tamara Ranner and Dr. Merle Emre. Progress has been underway since the winter semester of 2020/2021 and is scheduled to continue over a period of three years as the programme matures.


Employability means something like “long-term job suitability”. It stands as the most important study pledge of Macromedia University. In today’s world, employability means that graduates can thrive in dynamic, agile, or creative fields of work, where it is crucial to be able to organise oneself, work well in a team, manage data, recognise complex interrelationships, and develop successful strategies for action. Blended learning supports students in practising these skills.

Macromedia University regularly reviews its study pledge of employability. This is managed in two ways: Through regular exchanges with HR managers from the students’ internship companies, and through insights provided by the Board of Trustees – industry insiders aware of the demands in the labour market and professional fields. Last but not least, the university produces so-called retention evaluations at regular intervals, in which it tracks student employment one year after graduation.

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Daily study routine

The atmosphere at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences is international and informal. You learn in small groups on campus in combination with blended components, and you quickly get to know students from all over the world. It’s not unusual for lifelong friendships to develop on campus.

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