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Macromedia University’s foremost study promise is employability. The descriptive basis for employability is competences known as “future skills”. The type of employment in which students will end up working is not relevant to the development of future skills. Instead, industry practice, technologies and the speed of digitalisation are the parameters that significantly guide the choice and composition of competence goals in Macromedia University’s curricula.
Having said that, some forms of expertise are definitely more relevant to those alumni who wish to start a business than to their fellow students who want to pursue a corporate career or work in an agency. Macromedia University systematically encourages such early specialisation, aided by the variety of practical partners that students come across in their orientation and focus projects.

And of course, internship semesters contribute significantly to this as well, as do the seminar papers and theses in which students work on tasks of their own choosing.
This is why we are so pleased about the diversity of our graduates’ career paths: they work at corporations and SMEs, media houses and production companies, creative and strategy consultancies, they are self-employed entrepreneurs, agency founders – the list is endless.

Junger Mann mit Jeanshemd im Konfettiregen

Prizes and awards for students at Macromedia University

Many of our students inspire us with innovative ideas, social commitment, exceptional project work or final theses. Depending on the subject, junior competitions are available to them to present their achievements to a wider public.

Career and Alumni Service of Macromedia University

The entry into the career already begins during the studies. As distinguished academics and successful managers, students learn methodical-strategic know-how and experience excellent connections in the industry.
In addition to the various practical projects with top-class corporate partners, the Career Service supports you with various offers in your search for the optimal (internship) company or coaching in the application process.

Career Service for students

The start of your career already begins during your studies. The Career Service supports you with various offers.

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Career Service for alumni

To maintain contact with alumni after graduation, Macromedia offers several options.

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Career Service for companies

Practical relevance and contact with companies is very important to Macromedia University. Are you interested in working with us? Then get in touch with us.

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Start-up Support

Entrepreneurial thinking is first and foremost a state of mind — and only thereafter, a combination of a wide range of skills, creativity, and resilience. Accordingly, at Macromedia University there is no single measure to promote entrepreneurial thinking, but rather various drivers in different phases of the degree programme.

Entrepreneurship is firmly anchored in all curricula. In the bachelor’s degree programmes, the “Entrepreneurship” module usually takes place in the fifth semester; in the master’s degree programmes, students usually develop their skills in the “Leadership & Entrepreneurship” module in the fourth semester.

The annual Macromedia Start-up Contest gives special attention to ideas developed in these modules. Organised by the registered society Macromedia Community e.V., students and alumni can apply for professional and financial support for their start-up ideas.

Under the umbrella of Macromedia Community e.V., the Macromedia Start-up Community continues to organise and bundle extracurricular lectures and continuing education programmes focused on start-up know-how.

The success of Macromedia University proves it right. As the survey of the international university comparison U-Multirank 2020 shows, Macromedia University counts 56 start-ups for every 1,000 of its graduates. This makes Macromedia #2 in Germany and #1 among all universities of applied sciences. Start-ups successfully run by Macromedia University graduates include agencies, platform operators, game developers and VR and AR app developers.


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