Future of Digital Trust: Macromedia hosts Workshop with Deloitte

What could the future of digital trust look like in 2035? How can decision-makers build future-proof strategies in this context? These are the key questions that were answered during the first Macrosphere event of 2021.

In January 2021, Macromedia University hosted an online scenario workshop in collaboration with Deloitte on the Future of Digital Trust. As usual, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Badr, head of the Media Faculty in Munich, organized the Macrosphere event, supported by the students Isabelle von Kuenheim and Chiara Reichert.

The workshop was moderated by Deloitte representatives, Annina Lux, Manager in Strategic and Cyber Risk, Franziska Biberacher and Maximilian Lobbes, both Consultants in Cyber and Strategic Risk. Master and Bachelor candidates in Media and Communication Management (M.A.) attended the six-hour-long workshop.

The Deloitte team started by presenting and explaining a variety of individual and interconnected future foresight methodologies that empower organizations in analyzing and understanding today’s and tomorrow’s driving forces and in building future-proof strategies. After the presentation, the students had to apply the new learnings in a scenario workshop guided by the focal question “What could the future of digital trust look like in 2035?”

To answer this question an open discussion was started. The students were asked first to review the rating driving forces according to their impact and uncertainty on the future of digital trust. After, they were asked to develop four possible future scenarios that represent alternative answers to the question of how society and economy could look like in regards to digital trust in 2035. Finally, the participants were divided into two groups, where each group had to create a storyline for two of the four defined scenarios. Each group developed two compelling stories that communicated and described a range of plausible and relevant developments of digital trust in 2035. Finally, the results were presented by the students to the group.

The workshop was concluded by a Q&A and networking session where students were able to ask questions and get first-hand recommendations on a successful career start in the industry. The Deloitte team also offered the participants the opportunity to apply for a marketing internship position.

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