Glad to have you: Macromedia honors international students

Macromedia University honors five international students with DAAD scholarships for their special commitment to community life at Macromedia. Congratulations to Ridhi Kotwal, Nethra Shetty, Fulya Korkan, Maria Fernanda Parada Ruiz and Casey Lugada.

“Buddy Program”: Start-up assistance for international students

The university years are not only intellectually marked by new ideas and discoveries; socially, too, the study period holds a wealth of encounters and experiences. This is especially true for foreign students in Germany. However, there are a few hurdles to overcome on the way to a fulfilling study life. The “internationals” have to register with German-speaking authorities, find an apartment, set up a bank account, choose a telephone provider and so forth. And, of course, they need to understand a city, which is completely foreign to them.

At Macromedia University, a strong tradition of peer helpers has developed. They are involved in the so-called “Buddy Program” to make it easier for new fellow students from abroad to arrive. In addition to typical visits to the authorities, the buddies organize city explorations, sozializing and cooking events, and help prevent intercultural misunderstandings. In many cases, these are the same students who participate in local student councils and support the university team at campus events and education fairs.

DAAD Scholarships: Appreciation of the international community

As a university with a relevant international community, Macromedia University receives funding from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) to recognize the great contribution of international students to Macromedia’s university life. The selection of students to be honored was now made by the team of the central International Office, led by Lisa Decker, Head of International Office, in cooperation with the local International Offices at Macromedia University. These are the awardees:

  • Ridhi Kotwal from India, studies Fashion Design B.A. at the Berlin Campus
  • Nethra Shetty from India, studies Fashion Design B.A. at Campus Berlin
  • Fulya Korkan from Turkey, studies Strategic Marketing (M.A.) at Campus Berlin
  • Maria Fernanda Parada Ruiz from Colombia, studies Media & Communication Management M.A. at Campus Munich
  • Casey Lugada from Uganda, studies Film & Television B.A. at the Cologne Campus

“We are enormously grateful to the students,” said Lisa Decker. “With their strong presence on campus and their fantastic networking, they contribute significantly to the community feeling of our international student community and to shaping a diverse university life. We want to express this appreciation by awarding the DAAD scholarships.”

So we say: Thank you and congratulations to the recipients of the 2021 DAAD Engagement Scholarship at Macromedia University.