Macrosphere: Promoting the International Filmbusiness

Organized by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Badr and Macrosphere team, the Macrosphere Industry Day on November 30 revolved around the International Film Industry and the vast sales and marketing machinery accompanying it.

Guest speaker of the Industry Day was Alessandro Russo, a prominent Italian specialist in the communication of the International Film Industry.

Having done film publicity for over 20 years and worked in major festivals such as the Cannes and Venice Film Festival, one can undoubtedly say that Mr. Russo is an expert in his field of work.

Mr. Russo gave a riveting and lively speech to the Munich students, providing them with valuable insight into the life of a film publicist. He explained the value of publicity and what comes with it, as well as the difficulties one can face. The expert publicist revealed his experiences in the international film industry and went into detail about what makes good publicity, and how new media and publicity differ from old media and traditional publicity.

The event ended with an open panel discussion, where many questions were asked with further stories were exchanged.

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