Macrosphere: The Future of the Consulting Industry

Organized by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Badr and Macrosphere team, the industry day related to the consulting business took place on November 16 with three experts from Bain and Company, Arumis and Deloitte.

In November 2019, Macromedia University devoted the Macrosphere-Industry Day to the Consulting Industry.

Deloitte: Jan Widow and Alexander Attensberger

Invited by Professor Dr. Mohamed Badr, Deloitte sent Jan Widow and Alexander Attensberger to speak to Macromedia’s students. Both risk management experts, they offered viable insights into the various sectors of consulting in which Deloitte operates. Additionally, they touched on what it is like working for a "big four" company, and the benefits one has as an employee. 

Arumis Consulting: Dr. Christian Fendt

Dr. Christian Fendt, the founder of Arumis Consulting, spoke about pursuing a career in the Consulting Industry. He broke down the various areas in which consulting takes place, helping the audience get a better understanding of what consulting encompasses. Dr. Fendt then went on to elaborate on why firms hire consultants, and what skill set is needed to be most successful in the Industry.

Bain and Company: Wulf Weller

Wulf Weller, a Harvard Alumni and Partner at Bain and Company, revealed how he came to work for Bain; he touched on the benefits of working for Bain and how the company offers individuals the chance to grow. Furthermore, he proceeded to bust various stereotypes that are often associated with consulting; he then opted to present how one can best enter the Industry.

Following the knowledgeable presentations, there was an open panel discussion. Students were offered the chance to interact with the guests with questions related to the industry.

The event came to an end with a networking session, where ideas and contacts were exchanged, and job opportunities were presented. Big thanks to our students Isabelle von Kuenheim and Chiara Reichert who did a great job organizing the event.

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