Second Macromedia Applied Research Symposium: Influencers as Entrepreneurs

The second MARS Macromedia Research Symposium on the Munich campus provided a 360° view of the field of influencer marketing. Representatives from companies, sciences, communication agencies and influencers took part in the lively discussion.

How can the economic model of influencers be described? What are the formal characteristics of the newly emerging media segment? And what motives determined the interaction between follower and creator?

Those were the issues at stake at the second MARS Macromedia Applied Research Symposium on the Munich campus of Macromedia University.

Among the participants of the short presentations and the panel discussion were Prof. Dr. Oliver Budzinski and Sophia Gaenssle from the University of Ilmenau, Verena Mölling and Katrin Possberg from the Bauer Media Group, Rafael Schwarz from Territory Influence, Olaf Zupancic from the influential marketing platform Reachbird as well as the media scientists Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo, Prof. Dr. Florian Haumer and Alexander Roth from the Macromedia University and the influencer Annalena Kaffarnik.

"Passing on relevant research results quickly to practitioners: This is the purpose of the Macromedia Applied Research Symposium MARS. This approach has also proven successful in the second edition of MARS. At the same time, we have received great tips from our industry partners for further questions. Thanks for the great discussion," says Castulus Kolo.